06 August 2011

Seen on the Interstate, between Claremont and Los Angeles

I am always curious about large industrial objects travelling on the same road as cars; what makes it impossible for me not to look is the public visibility of something that, for most of us, is otherwise unseen and even a tad esoteric.  This big pipe was seen in July.

That we could get photos had everything to do with the recent ubiquity of "cameras"; these were taken by a "phone."

The shot below was taken a few weeks later, in August; we had trouble identifying the object; we considered an aircraft wing (there were two of them, carried separately on their own trucks) and a propeller for a wind turbine.  As the object moved on its truck-bed, it seemed too flimsy or too flexible for the former--but what do I really know about aircraft wings?

Oh, the photos were taken by my son (Nathaniel Shrage); I was driving.


  1. I remember, a few years ago, seeing the Richard Serra sculptures that were destined for the new Broad building (BCAM) at LACMA, parked along the 10 freeway, near the 15. They were disassembled and packed on flatbed trucks. If you knew Serra'a work they were unmistakable, but otherwise they might have looked like so much rusting steel.

  2. I agree that moments like these, when you are seeing the innards of a building or some other construction project, feel like portals to a parallel universe. Intriguing, allowing for speculation, a bit intimidating, revealing the tissues and sinews that are assumed into our system but rarely glanced, like the look behind the Wizard's curtain!

  3. Jennifer. Exactly. And better said than the original post.