03 September 2011

Sarah Palin: "Kill Corporate Capitalism"

In a speech today that is not getting the recognition it deserves for exhibiting political-surrealism, Sarah Palin said, "I want all of our GOP candidates to take the opportunity to kill corporate capitalism..."  

One obvious observation, in response, is that if there is a place in U.S. politics for right-wing attacks on "corporate capitalism," then there would seem to be a place for left-wing attacks on "corporate capitalism"--ones free of Palin's bizarre cynicism and awful demagoguery. 

This, in turn, suggests that the reason the Democratic party has, for decades, failed to provide any serious left-wing criticism of the harms done by "corporate capitalism" is not that this would not be politically viable, but that the leading figures of the Democratic party are fundamentally intent on protecting corporate capitalism.  

Attacks from the right--as history shows us--really are not a threat to corporate capitalism, so from Palin and her ilk, this is just hot air.  Surreal hot air, but hot air.

I'll just add that in regard to Palin, Perry, and Bachmann, 'you could not make this stuff up.'  It's too bizarre and out of control to be fiction.  But that's a different point.

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